Are you impatient to get to the recipes and guidelines for the Oils Diet? Are you eager to start using essential oils to support your weight loss? Are you hoping that this combination of food and essential oils may be the magic bullet that finally allows you to take control of your eating habits?

Whoa! Let’s slow down for a moment. Jumping in too quickly without understanding the strategy behind our program could all too soon turn your enthusiasm to disappointment. Our recipes are delicious, easy to prepare, and nutritious, and the use of essential oils to assist in weight loss is backed by solid research. We even have an exercise program that you can quickly incorporate into your daily routine. Our approach is flexible enough to fit any lifestyle and food preferences. And we are excited to share our wonderful essential oil blends to moderate hunger, salves to help massage away belly fat, and the exercises Sabrina has designed to tone your body.

All well and good, but without a firm mind-set transformed to focus on success, a commitment to make these new habits a way of life, and a belief in the outcome of your actions, you may wind up a few months from now discouraged and searching for yet another magic bullet to banish your extra pounds.


That is the last thing we want you to experience. Instead, we want to encourage you to embark on a transformative journey.

So, slow down and let us explain the underlying principles that ground the Essential Oils Diet. Trust us, doing so will significantly increase your likelihood of succeeding on the program. In fact, the changes we are talking about are nothing less than transformational. Both of us have experienced such dramatic and lasting changes in our own lives, which we shared in the introduction. Our hope and our belief is that this book will provide the blessings of such an experience to all who read it and commit to our program.

If you’re a page skimmer or simply skipped the preface and/or introduction, we urge you to go back and pay special attention to that essential content. You will get so much more out of this book—and we’re not just talking about taking control of your weight, we’re talking about changing your life—if you understand where we are coming from and follow the steps we have laid out.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

At its core, this is a healthy living book. Live a healthy life and you’re going to lose weight just by virtue of being healthy. And as part of this commitment to health, you’ll learn ways to accelerate weight loss. For example, we’ll explain how matcha green tea contains fat-burning compounds called catechins. Another example: You’ll learn how simply inhaling lime essential oil can help burn body fat.

We understand that initially the goal of transformation to good health is rather abstract, while seeing excess pounds melt away is a more immediate and exciting transformation. Fortunately, the Essential Oils Diet achieves both goals.


When you eat bioactive-rich food and incorporate essential oils into your life, your body achieves its ideal weight. That means that the Essential Oils Diet is equally effective if chronic illness, an overactive thyroid, injury, or other issues have made it difficult to gain weight. If so, you should skip the Fast Track and go right to the Essential Lifestyle. The same applies if you’re happy with your current weight but want to improve your overall health.