Think about what happens from the time you approach a woman to the time she turns you down .

This is where it all gets real because you have to break down the entire interaction. Don’t fear it but face it because this is the only way you are going to get better. Think about what goes on from the moment that you try to talk to her. Do you even try to approach her or do you just put that off? When you do talk to her are you trying t overcompensate or be somebody that you think you should be? Do you turn into a bumbling idiot? If it’s always her fault or just “not the right time” then you know that you have some excuses to deal with. Yeah I know nobody wants to take the blame off of somebody else and put it on themselves but it’s got to be done.

What could you change that you think might make a difference with women?

Think about the encounter as a whole and think about what you might be blaming for the wrong reasons :

If you’re really being honest you can usually cut through the clutter to see what sort of excuses you keep going to. These are the things that are actually holding you back! If you are constantly blaming the woman or the timing or whatever else, then these are very likely contributing factors. If you just sit it out because you are sure that she’s going to say no, then you are shooting yourself down before you even get a chance.

If you are blaming other guys for “stealing” the hot girl that you saw first that’s another excuse. If there are things that you can point to every single time which you are sure are to blame for you never getting the woman, then you need to quit the blame game and own up to your own responsibility! Excuses won’t get you anywhere but they will stop you from getting what you want, so be done with them.

What are you really honestly looking for in a woman? Be honest here too and go beyond just “a hot one”.

What do you think that a woman like that is interested in?

How can you be a guy that women are attracted to and interested in?

How can you stand out from the crowd and win women over?

What does flirting mean to you and how can you get better at it?

How do you think that flirting can help you to win a woman over?


Yeah I know it’s a ton of questions and you don’t necessarily have to answer all of them. The only thing is though, that if you want to change up your approach and your outcome, you have to think through what has been happening. Being truthful with yourself is the only way to get to the heart of the issue.

I struggled with it too but once you uncover the road blocks and the issues that have been holding you back, then you can get to the good stuff. There’s some really good stuff too – imagine the thrill of a experiencing a successful good flirt! Nothing boosts your ego and confidence quite like it. You will amaze yourself at how your approach can take shape and how you actually get the girl. All that by being honest with yourself and taking the time to look at what has been happening. Yup the best is yet to come!

Chapter Take-aways:

– Stop blaming women and other excuses. You are responsible only to yourself.

– Analyzing your positive and negative approaches to women from the past will help you figure out what works and what doesn’t in your approach to women.

– Moving forward, when you have found the answers, you can create a plan to overcome the negative and positives of your flirting approach.