Okay, with all the buildup you may find that this chapter seems way too easy to be effective.  I assure you that the technique is not only effective it is very effective.  Not only is it effective but also when you master the technique it will work very quickly and effortlessly.  In the story I told earlier about using the technique on John you can see that the results can take place immediately.  It is because it involves our subconscious mind or “spirit” which is extremely powerful. Your conscious mind is like being the “operator” of a computer.   The subconscious mind is like the “software” or “Google” on your computer.  You must be able to use the software if you expect to operate your computer effectively.  Our subconscious mind is also called our “spirit”.  It is infinite and will never die. 

Your subconscious mind is the driving force in your reality.  To use it just enter into a meditative, relaxed state of mind.  My “secret technique” uses the subconscious mind to affect the behavior of others.  I know it may sound a little bizarre but it works every time and without fail!

Let’s say as the computer operator (conscious mind) I want to engage my subconscious mind (software) and call upon someone else’s subconscious mind.  If you use a computer it would be the same as screen sharing.  In my analogy of the subconscious mind being software we would be sharing the same view on the computer screen and having the same reality.  It would be a view of the screen that is agreed upon by both users of the software so we could “screen share”.

However, the subconscious mind, unlike computer software, can call upon someone else’s subconscious mind without their knowledge and control.  That’s why I want you to understand that it is important to have the right intentions before using this technique. 

Technically you could affect their behavior in a negative manner.  I do not condone doing that and, if you believe in the law of karma, you wouldn’t want to do something that can, and will, come back to you.  So if for no other reason don’t do something evil for a selfish reason. I have never explained the process by writing it before so be patient when reading the explanation

“I can have my subconscious mind or “spirit” call to your subconscious mind or “spirit” without you giving me permission to do it. Furthermore, I can affect your behavior and you can affect other’s behavior when you do this technique.

In the case of my friend who slept with the married jerk for 5 years while he never said or did nice things she was able to communicate with his subconscious mind using her subconscious mind to change his behavior.  This is how you will get back the man who deserted you for another woman. 

This is how you will make him think of you each and every day until he cannot live without you.  This is how you can get your boyfriend, husband or lover to do what you want him to do whenever you want him to do it.  This is how you can and will get what you want out of any relationship.