Hair loss causes one to look different “ which can lead to unhappiness among sufferers with how they changed from the past or with how people view them in the present.

As a result, they may experience psychological stress when hair loss begins, or when it reaches a certain advanced stage. Specific concerns held by those enduring it include the following:1) Displeasure with appearance “ Hair loss can cause a significant change in a personal appearance “ largely by shifting the balance of the face to the forehead. Many sufferers view themselves as less attractive after they begun the process.

This is particularly the case for young men who start hair loss at a young age, as one study showed. Another study by the American Academy of Dermatology found that women have a more negative body image than men after hair loss and are less able to adapt to the change.2) Unhappiness about getting older “ Hair loss makes both men and women appear older.

Consequently, for many of them the onset of the condition sends a strong sign that the end of youth is near, which may stir feelings of impending mortality.3) Lost ability to style hair “ Having less hair means having less options to style it.

It also means sufferers may have to spend more time and effort trying to hide their new reality, which may cause frustration.