How and Why Manifesting Works

understand it “Manifesting” because it is important in manifesting your LIFE. You are in control of your life and your future so you should understand how you attract the things you do into your reality.  The “The Law of Attraction” works through the “universal subconscious” mind.  Let’s say your conscious “thinking” mind has a thought or makes a statement. 

“Your subconscious mind accepts it as fact, whether it is a fact or not”

That thought vibrates into the universal sub-consciousness where all thoughts (positive or negative) are stored.  Yes, there is a “cloud” which is a universal sub-consciousness that holds all thoughts. 

If you have a negative thought such as “I WANT” then all the people who “WANT” something and their negative thoughts will be stored there.  You may not realize that “I WANT” is a negative statement but to want something is to recognize that you do not have the object.  “I AM” is the statement that will give positive results.

Let’s give an example of “I WANT TO BE RICH” because we would all like to have wealth.  When you make a statement or have the thought “I WANT” your subconscious mind vibrates as a negative thought that comes from having a lack of money.

Thoughts are stored in the universal sub-consciousness of the universe and your thoughts attract “like” thoughts.  All of the negative thoughts on money in the universe will resonate with your “I WANT” statement, such as:  “I don’t have a good education, or I’m never in the right place at the right time, or I’m just unlucky, I will always be poor…”  

Every reason that every person believes about why they are broke will be attracted to your negative thought. Your little “nothing in your eyes” statement is magnified to infinity. Do you really understand how devastating that is to your financial well-being?  I hope so because if you grasp that fact you will be motivated to change it.

If you send out a positive thought like ‘I AM RICH” then all the successful thoughts that are stored in the universe will be attracted to you and your thought.  You will find that you will attract money, a way to make money, an inheritance, a gift, a rich husband…the possibilities are endless. 

Did you know that most wealthy people visualize their wealth increasing right before they go to sleep?  That may be the reason that they also awake with creative ways to make money. They attracted the positive thoughts and successes of all the powerful subconscious minds and their subconscious minds set about to make it happen.

Any statement that you make regarding something you desire to have in your life should begin with “I AM”.  I am rich.  I am healthy.  I am loved.  I am desirable.  I am beautiful.  I am lucky.  I am skinny.   You get the idea.  Never, ever have a thought that begins with “I want”. 

Your subconscious mind will create what you believe.  If you believe you “want” something that you do not “already have” you will doom yourself to failure.  Wanting something will create more wanting.

Desire is different, however.  We all desire things and it is the driving force in life.  Desire things with the knowledge that you will have what you desire.  If I see something I do not currently have I don’t look at it and “want” it. 

I look at it and think to myself “I desire that and it is MINE” and then I feel the EMOTIONS of having and enjoying the thing I desire.  To attempt to change your circumstances before you change your visual picture of it is to struggle against the very nature of things.  There can be no outer change until there is first an imagination and belief change. 

I think the Law of Attraction and The Secret are wonderful books and I loved reading them.  However, I didn’t understand when I read the books that I needed to visualize myself having “the thing” I wanted, experience the feelings and emotions that I would experience as if I had “the thing” and then let it go out into the universe. 

I further did not understand the importance of visualizing something as if it were happening “now” and not in the future.  The “ASK, BELIEVE, RECEIVE” directions in the book “The Secret” were too general. In truth, you don’t “ASK”.  You visualize yourself living and having what you desire.

You BELIEVE it is already true.

You RECEIVE what you have visualized ONLY when you can FEEL the emotion of having what you desire.

Therefore, it should be “VISUALIZE, FEEL, RECEIVE”.

Visualize as if you are living it in the here and now and not as a future event.  Feel the emotion of how happy and grateful you are for receiving what you desire.  Receive what you have visualized.

“Live your life in gratitude of your good fortune.”

When you are doing your visualization DO NOT visualize as if it is a future event.  Visualize it as if you are living it right now, today and in this moment.  If you visualize something in the future you are just daydreaming.  If you visualize something in the past you are reminiscing.  If you visualize something in the “NOW” you are creating your life!

For instance, do not daydream about getting your boyfriend or husband back into your arms.  Call his subconscious mind, visualize him telling you the message you want him to tell you, visualize him being with you in the here and now and know that it will happen.  I cannot stress the importance of this enough! 

Realize that your subconscious mind will create your reality as it does every day of your life.  Whether you realize it or not you are creating your reality minute-by-minute and day-by-day.  You have just been doing it passively.  Now you will get involved in doing conscious creation and it will create the life you would like to have and not the life you have created by default.

You may not have realized that you are the creator of your circumstances.  You may not have been awakened to the fact that you create your own reality.  Whatever dreams you want fulfilled can be lived by you and created by you!  You have that power to create!

I am not talking about fantasy stuff that is based on a hope and a promise.  I am talking about what you can do instantly to create the life you want to live.  A life that is full of health, wealth, happiness, and with a man who loves and adores you.  Forever!

This technique is unique because you will actually control your man’s thoughts.  From this point forward you will have the ability, through this simple exercise, to get into his head (subconscious) and he will respond to your wishes.  It is like having the “genie in a bottle” granting your every wish and command.  Even my thick skulled, numb nuts ex-boyfriend John reacted immediately to my calling his subconscious.  If I can do it, you can do it and every female you know can do it!!!

This is not a wish or a hope and a prayer.  This is the ability to control another person and your own destiny.  Creating your own destiny is part of the “secret technique” I have shared with you, sisters.  I have had so many readers tell me that their lives have changed due to my books.  The power is in your hands to create a life that you only hoped and prayed for.  I invite you to take advantage of it and begin today to take back your control and power.