I taught this technique to a good friend of mine who had been in a bad marriage for 3-4 years before she left her husband.  While she was living with him he treated her like dirt.  She was just a doormat and he was the master of his domain.  He ignored her and literally “pushed” her out the door, although he made it seem like it was her choice to leave.  After she moved out she decided she would “pay him back” for his unkindness.  I did not know she used my technique until later and I would not have condoned it had I known.  I wouldn’t have agreed with the fact that she did it strictly for revenge.  She didn’t want him back but she did want to punish him.  And it did work!

She used the technique on him and he suddenly believed that he could not live without her and pursued her for more than three years!  He begged, pleaded, cried and lost a lot of weight because he was grieving her loss so badly.  This was not accidental or unplanned. This is what she visualized during her meditation while using the “secret technique”. 

She had been so emotionally abused during their relationship that she wanted to make sure that he felt the pain and suffering she had endured.  The man who could care less about her when they lived together was now suffering and believing that he could not live without her.  This went on for over three years!!!  Before she began using the technique he was moving on with his life and other women. It was only after she “worked on him” that it almost drove him insane. 

She wasn’t there personally to inflict the emotional pain on him but he desired her so badly that it almost drove him crazy.  Every day, several times per day she would practice this technique for no more than five minutes.  He never knew why he so felt so desperate to get her back and he never will.    At this point it has been well over five years since she left her husband and to this day he has still not moved on with his life or gotten over her loss. 

I know you’re wondering how this works and why I am explaining the subconscious to you in more detail that you want to hear.  You need to understand that it is not your conscious mind or that utilizes the technique.  It is the relaxed, subconscious mind that responds to visualization.

What is the most opportune time to use the technique?  Any time you think about it but certainly in the morning and at night before sleeping!  Instead of brooding over his loss and becoming a victim, just use the simple technique to contact him and control his thoughts. You will never feel helpless again. Never!

Have you ever been driving down a street or highway and realized that you are in a trancelike state?  It is a moment where you realize that your conscious mind is inoperable and you have been on automatic pilot.  It may shock you back into reality because you realize (or think) that you could have run off the highway or run over someone due to negligence.