What are you waiting for? No like really, are you waiting for an embossed invitation? I hate to tell you this but it won’t happen! Try as you might you can’t just will change to happen. You can’t wish for it or just really want for it.

You have to make it happen. This isn’t something that somebody else can do for you, and really do you want them to? So if you are a procrastinator or even a little apprehensive; now is the time to make some serious changes to get the life and the relationships that you really want. You do not need permission or authorization to change your life.

You don’t need a sign from above to change your style or adapt to enhancements or changes that will improve your life. This is YOUR choice and your right and therefore nobody else can do it for you.

Think about this for a while. This is not up to somebody else. Looking for approval will only keep you from getting to where you want to be. This isn’t always easy for some of us because we feel that we need to check in with others. We want to make sure we have approval from our friends, from our trusted colleagues, or even from our family members. Don’t get this confused with asking for advice or seeking opinions from the people you trust.

That is always a good thing to help you consider all options but don’t let them tell you what to do. You have to make your own choices and decisions to change. Nobody else can or should tell you what to do or where to go.

So by now you should have had a good think and written down some things about what you want in your relationships and in your life. You have taken a bit of inventory and done some soul searching. I know, I know, it was hard for you but you’re still here to tell the tale. You’ve survived coming to terms with those pesky feelings, great job bro! Now it’s time to start to put this all into action.

There are multiple steps to this part of the process, but it begins in the here and now. Use your new knowledge and ability to put this all together and move forward. Far too many of us often find ourselves stuck in a holding pattern.

We may know what we want but feel fearful or unsure how to go after it. Not that we even to admit this. God forbid a man be vulnerable or have fears. We may really want to talk to women, but the idea of rejection overwhelms us and forces us to hold back. If you wait for something or someone you will never get anywhere.

So it’s much easier in these instances to just say forget it, I’ll just wait for somebody to tell me what to do. It’s easier to say that you need a sign or some sort of nudge of approval. You could spend your whole life waiting – but what are you going to get out of that? Stop waiting and start doing because this is your life to take a hold of. Okay maybe I sound like a bit of a pushy motivational speaker but that’s not my intent. Okay well it’s kind of my intent but I need you to wake up and get moving forward.

Trust me it may be outside of your comfort zone at first but it will be so cool and so worth it. Put your money where your mouth is! How can you put your thoughts and the changes you would like to make into action? How can you make these changes and decide that now is the time? How can you get to be the guy that you want to be without waiting for a perfect sign? Here’s how it all comes together and helps you to decide that you CAN and WILL change your style and your life for true improvement.

Ignore any negative feedback : You may hear put downs or even jokes about how you have zero flirting skills. You may hear people rumbling and telling you how you are sill for trying to change that. You may hear people tell you not to waste your time or to just be “yourself”.

However, this isn’t about them, this is for you to decide upon and move forward. So ignore any negative feedback you may receive. Truthfully,